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Both Group and Individual Life Insurance will pay a benefit upon the passing of the insured party to a beneficiary who has been named in the policy. Employers who offer their employees Group and Individual Life Insurance allow their employees to choose the type of policy that best suits them, rather than assign a specific type of policy for all employees.

Group Life Insurance pools the Life Insurance Policies of all Group Members. By pooling the insurance policies together, Group Members will typically pay a lower premium as the cost will be based upon the average age of Group Members, and not just the individual purchasing the policy. In addition, Group Members may not be subjected to completing full medical underwriting procedures, such as a medical exam and bloodwork, when opting for a Group Life Insurance Policy. Adversely, Individual Life Insurance premiums will be based upon the age of the enrolled individual, as well as the results of a full medical underwriting procedure.

IRC Group Services offers not only the option of both Group and Individual Life Insurance, but also multiple varieties of Life Insurance (eg. Term Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, etc.), and will have an enroller work with each employee to ensure that the best Life Insurance Policy is selected.