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Data Breach Protection Insurance

Data Breach Protection Insurance, also known as Cyber Risk Protection or Cyber Liability Insurance, provides coverage for expenses and litigation costs resulting from a data breach. When a Data Breach occurs, business owners are faced with having to not only protect themselves from further hacking, but also assure their clients that they are doing everything to correct the situation and protect their sensitive information.

Data Breach Protection Insurance coverage includes expenses for responding to a breach, investigation fees, expenses for alerting clients of a breach, crisis management expenses, and advertising expenses to restore your business' reputation. Defense costs and settlements to your clients are also covered as part of your Data Breach Protection Insurance.

Data Breaches and Cyber Hacking are constantly in the headlines of today's news, and regardless of how big or small your business is, you may be putting yourself and your clients at risk. By storing records of your clients' and employees' sensitive information, such as Social Security Number, Medical Records, Credit Card Numbers, and Bank Account Information, you are a target for Cyber Hackers. In the event of a Data Breach, IRC Group Services will ensure that you are able to restore your good name to your clients as quickly as possible, whether you choose to add Data Breach Protection to your Business Owner's Policy or purchase an individual policy for your business.